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Create your own Wall Art with NO WRINKLES!
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Create your own Wall Art with NO WRINKLES!

Découpage Like You Have Never Seen Before

My thanks to Painting Lady Designs for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.

Découpage is a centuries old art of decorating that can take an item from dull to sublime.

Many of us love to découpage small items, jewelry boxes, vases, dishes etc with excellent results BUT if you struggle when you découpage bigger items using larger sheets of paper - we have a solution for you!!!

 I am going to use 100% COTTON FUSIBLE INTERFACING available from Painting Lady Designs.

It is what dressmakers use, it has a fine white fabric on one side and a layer of adhesive on the other.

What to do with an Old Lampshade

My paper choice for this project is A Gentle Breeze - a 24x36 inch decoupage paper produced by

Painting Lady Designs from my own original art!

dandelions on a blended blue green teal background

 To start the project:  I make a sandwich as follows:


  • Cut a piece of interfacing to fit the découpage paper
  • Place the interfacing adhesive side up.
  • Then lay the paper printed side up over the interfacing
  • Cover this with parchment paper available from Painting Lady Designs

What to do with an Old Lampshade

Use a hot DRY iron and keep the iron moving at all times.

The glue on the interfacing will melt very quickly and adhere it to the paper.

You now have PAPER FABRIC!       MAGIC!!

I made my PAPER FABRIC and trimmed the white edges.

This is so much easier to work with and is perfect to use on chair seats and larger surfaces as it gives extra strength.

Here is how it looks with the interfacing attached.

What to do with an Old Lampshade

I had an old canvas 24 x 36 inches and painted the edges in black acrylic paint.

What to do with an Old Lampshade

Using polycrylic top coat (you can use your favorite decoupage medium)  I applied a liberal amount on a third of the canvas working on the shorter edge. This way I have more control.

Stick the paper down and continue in the same way to the bottom.

Smooth out from the middle and apply a coat of  clear top coat 

(spray or brush on) over the top.

Here is how it looks!



What to do with an Old Lampshade

If you have trouble finding a 24 x 36 canvas.

Here are two more ideas using one large découpage picture.

What to do with an Old Lampshade

What to do with an Old Lampshade

I really hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and have been inspired by this new way to découpage.


My thanks to Tracy of Painting Lady Designs, I am thrilled to bits that you have my artwork in your store.


Here is the main website  - with over 200 paper designs to choose from!


Now go and shop!


With love






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