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Cotton Fusible Interfacing to create your own PAPER FABRIC by Painting Lady Designs

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Have you ever wished your decoupage paper was FABRIC?  
We have an answer for you!  Use this 100% cotton woven fusible (iron on) interfacing to turn your favorite decoupage paper into fabric for pillows, cushions, seat covers, lampshades, canvas wall or whatever your imagination shows you! 
You can create your very own PAPER FABRIC  
Please note that this product is actual cotton - not just paper interfacing.  It has a fusible surface on one side of the cotton.  Just use a hot and dry (no steam) iron, your favorite decoupage paper and parchment paper to adhere this cotton interfacing to your paper.  
For full instructions, visit our blog by  our wonderful Resident Artist Julie McDowell to see her create THREE amazing projects using Painting Lady Designs decoupage paper and cotton woven fusible interfacing.
Oh -the best part?  Your PAPER FABRIC can be easily decoupaged with NO WRINKLES.  It's true.....
This listing is for one piece of 20x36 inch 100% cotton woven fusible interfacing.  This is enough cotton to turn 2 of our 12x18  decoupage papers into PAPER FABRIC