About Us

Painting Lady Designs was founded by the amazing artist & entrepreneurial team of Heather Marzigliano and Pam McCurry Hsskins as HP Distribution LLC. In 2022 -the brand grew into an international coalition of Artists and creators and became Painting Lady Designs, owned by Tracy Sayers Trombetta. The original goal of offering high-quality products to retailers, DIYers, creatives, artists, crafters, designers and masters in their craft remains in place. With the transition to Painting Lady Designs, a talented team of Resident Artists creates and curates monthly releases of high quality decoupage papers focused on original art and photography. Each Art Pack of papers includes step by step decoupage techniques that can be used to create canvases, wall art, craft items, upcycled furniture, interior design focal points and much more.

The entire curated line is available on our main website www.paintingladydesigns.com along with a full line of stencils. Customers can buy directly or find their nearest retailer using the retailer locator map. Wholesale buying is available on both our main website for USA retailers and at Faire.com for international sales. In addition to our curated lines of quality decoupage papers and stencils, artists will soon be able to transform their own art into decoupage papers via the same manufacturing process as our superior printed products.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.