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Posh Chalk Crackling Enamel (2 components) PCC013

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Posh Chalk Crackling Enamel (2 Components) – 200ml + 200ml

Dive deeper into artistic finishes with Posh Chalk’s Crackle Enamel PCC013.  This two-component system is your produict to achieve a glossy finish with a beautifully erratic patterns of natural aging. Each application is a journey through time, rendering surfaces with a crackled patina that speaks volumes of history and elegance. Perfect for larger projects or those seeking bold visual statements, this enamel sets the stage for creativity to flourish.

Step 1. Apply the first component Crackling Gel to a non-absorbent base, preferably primed or painted. Apply generously. Leave to dry naturally, or dry gently with a mild heat source (hair dryer or heat gun).

Step 2. After the Crackling Gel has dried, apply the Crackling Enamel for a glossy, lacquered finish. The Enamel will begin to crack as it dries!

The size of cracks depends on the thickness of the Enamel coat applied.

The finish will be transparent, so in order to see the cracks, rub clear wax then a colored patina or wax into the cracks and wipe back for a colorful, weathered appearance.

Before applying the enamel in step 2. you may color the enamel with just a drop or two of Posh Color Kicks for a glazed effect.  

Posh Chalk Crackles are designed to create an old, worn, and weathered look when applied to any surface… literally, a finish that has cracks in it!

You will find that by using our crackle mediums, you can introduce real character to the project that you are working on, either in specific areas or across the whole piece.

Each crackle will be unique in size and shape, giving a wonderful natural feel.