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Posh Chalk Athenian Plaster – 500ml PCTE011

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Posh Chalk Athenian Plaster 

This listing is for one 500 ml jar. 

 It is available in 800 ml jars - please message me if you need a larger size.

Posh Chalk Athenian Plaster is an artisan-quality plaster, recognized for its exceptional adherence to many types of surfaces. This premium craft plaster is a true creative powerhouse, offering artists and DIY enthusiasts the ability to fashion extraordinary faux concrete or stone effects. However, its versatility extends far beyond as Athenian Plaster serves not only as a dynamic layering plaster, artisans can achieve an ultra-high gloss finish reminiscent of a mirror-like shine with a light sanding then polishing using steel wool and a lint free cloth. 

This craft plaster also doubles as an exquisite furniture plaster, presenting the choice of subtle accents or complete coverage for a truly transformative effect. This unique plaster finds its canvas on both walls and ceilings, delivering a polished finish that mirrors the grandeur of marble. When deftly applied, Athenian Plaster creates a rock-hard, deeply textured surface that evokes the smoothness of marble while boasting a glossy, high sheen.

Our Athenian Plaster comes uncolored and can be tinted with our Posh Chalk Colour Kicks  or quality paints - putting you in control of the hues and shades you work with.  The plaster can also be texturized with  Posh Chalk Smart Texturizer. It is great for both internal and external usage and has a built in UV filter for protection against strong sunlight. This deliberate design choice allows creativity to flourish, ensuring each project is a bespoke masterpiece.

An acrylic primer or a good quality chalk and mineral paint may be used if the surface isn’t clean and smooth. Posh Chalk Athenian Plaster is best applied with a brush in a dabbing motion, then smoothed with a trowel or palette knife.. This plaster can be used on its own or in conjunction with our Glass Plaster