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Parchment Paper - Pop Up Sheets

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If you are looking for a smooth decoupage finish - PARCHMENT PAPER is an essential decoupage supply for you!  

This listing is for one package of 10 extra large sheets of Parchment Paper

For the Iron method of decoupage:

  1. Once all the layers of adhesive product (e.g. mod podge or topcoat) are dried, lay your decoupage paper down on the topcoated area. You will need a sheet of parchment paper (the type used in cooking) and an iron. Turn on your iron and let it warm up but be sure to pay attention to the iron’s heat — if the iron is too hot, it can scorch your paper or overheat your topcoat.  (Be sure that your steam is turned off).  Your parchment paper will act as a protective layer between the iron and your decoupage paper.
  2. Lay your parchment paper down and run your iron over the parchment paper. Iron each area until your piece is warm to the touch. The heat of the iron will reactivate the topcoat underneath your paper and cause it to adhere to the surface of your piece.  If you notice air bubbles, continue to iron until they are gone.

Finish up with your favorite method of sealing your decoupage!