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Glass Plaster by Posh Chalk - PCTE012

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Posh Chalk Glass Plaster

This listing is for one 110 ml jar

Glass Plaster is a star  of artisan-quality plasters, celebrated for its outstanding gloss finish and adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces.

Posh Chalk Glass Plaster offers outstanding adhesion across a range of surfaces, resulting in an ultra-high gloss, transparent finish. Distinguished by its thick gel-like consistency, this premium plaster product stands as a versatile and luxurious addition to your artist toolkit.

The thicker texture of Glass Plaster allows for precise layering, enabling creators to achieve specific thicknesses in their projects, whether they are crafting intricate designs or applying a more substantial layer for added depth.

The versatility of Glass Plaster extends beyond its glass like transparency. Artists can explore a variety of applications, from enhancing surfaces to creating glass-like effects and adding a glossy layer to various art and craft projects. Its transparent and glossy finish opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing creators to experiment with unique textures and effects.

Our Glass Plaster can be colored with just a drop or two of  Posh Chalk Color Kicks to create a tinted glass effect when applied on glass or Plexiglass.  Please note that larger amounts of Color Kicks will decrease the transparency of Glass Plaster.  It is great for both internal and external usage and has an in-built UV filter for protection against strong sunlight.

An acrylic primer such as Posh Chalk Infusor may be used if the surface isn’t clean and smooth. Posh Chalk Glass Plaster is best applied with a trowel, spatula or brush.

Posh Chalk Glass Plaster works brilliantly with Posh Chalk Stencils to create a raised stencil effect. This plaster can be used on its own or in conjunction with our Athenian Plaster and or our Flexible Paste.