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Dreamy Jewels (Red) by Tanglewood Sue- Decoupage and Mixed Media Art Paper (medium)

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The vibrant colors of this grouping are absolutely amazing!  Decoupage onto a white surface for the best results.  All 3 of the Dreamy Jewels images are original artwork by the very talented Tanglewood Sue, one of our Resident Artists. 

This listing is for 1 sheet 18x24 inches in red and gold. 

The Art Pack Dreamy Jewels (see separate listing) contains the following:

1 sheet 24"x 36" in purple and gold

1 sheet 18"x 24" in red and gold

1 sheet 12" x18"  in green and gold

Along with the decoupage images printed on quality paper especially designed for decoupage - you will receive a full set of step by step instructions on how to decoupage.