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Crackle Finish bottle

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Tri-Art Crackle Ground is a matte medium to make AMAZING cracked surfaces for paint applications.

This listing is for one 8.45 oz (250ml) bottle of Crackle Ground.

About this product- This is a ONE STEP crackle product

Crackle Ground is easy to apply and manipulate. Just pour and spread to achieve hairline or thick cracks, depending on how thick it is applied. Thin applications will result in finer lines. Thicker applications will develop wider cracks.  See pictures for examples of the effects that can be achieved with this very unique product.  

The crackle medium stays white after drying and can be painted.  Colored waxes and other mediums can be used after application to further enhance an aged faux effect. 

NOTE* Heavy pressure will prohibit crack formation. Brushes  are not not recommended for application. Pouring and tilting or light pressure with a spreading tool will obtain best results. Appropriate surfaces: Primed surfaces with a slight tooth or matte finish will result in the best adhesion.