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Wallpaper for Decoupage - 3D Paper Flowers Design

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When I first saw this paper - I couldn't WAIT to make it available to crafters, artists and upcyclers. This is a smooth paper - but the 3D effect of the paper flowers is just mesmerizing.  

This paper adheres well with traditional decoupage mediums.  It is standard wallpaper weight so there will be no need to worry about wrinkles and it covers all kinds of scratches and dings.  Please note that this is not a paper you would paint over - but you can seal with your favorite top coat - from matte to gloss.  Mixed media projects could lead to all kinds of amazing artwork! 

This listing is for one piece of smooth wallpaper in white and gray shading with a 3D visual effect of paper flowers. 

  • This listing is for one piece  - 18 x 21 inches